Headcount Strategy

Headcount Strategy
Author: isee systems, inc.

Explore a consulting firm’s headcount strategy. Understand the relationship between growth rates, promotion times, headcount pyramid ratios, and attrition rates.
This model is based on actual work that was done with a very well-known consulting company (here, code-named TWBC, Inc.).  The firm's strategic goals were well-articulated, and each made sense when written down in a list on a piece of paper.  However, when subjected to the more rigorous, dynamic scrutiny that an iThink modeling effort provides, the goals (as is too often the case) turned out to be in conflict with one another--stimulating actions that worked at cross-purposes.  Efforts to achieve one goal drove the firm farther away from achieving the others.  The subsequent analysis conducted with the model also pointed the way toward resolving the internal strategic inconsistencies and putting the firm back onto a strategically sound growth path.


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